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My name is Muroj Negha and I’m a final year fashion design student at the University of Derby.

My philosophy is to create art and designs that will give others feelings of affiliation, comfortable, and satisfaction.

I’m interested in designing, illustrating, painting, styling, and photography. My passion comes from a life-long obsession with finding something that can express me. From a young age, I always express myself through art. I find that doing art and seeing the results brings me endless satisfaction. I create what I feel, that’s why a lot of my work is unique and one-off products.

As a child with Chondrodystrophy, I had a different life than others. So at the age of 8, I started drawing and with time I found myself in it. After a long break from art, as a teenager, I faced problems with finding clothes that I feel comfortable with. At this moment I decided to become a fashion designer who will design clothes for people with special needs. I returned back to art and designing and worked hard for my dreams. After graduating from the College of Art and Design in Brno, I went to Great Britain to continue my studies in Fashion design.

I’m working to create a clothing line for people with special needs.

With art, I want to share positivity, possibility, and love. Also, to say everything is possible if you want because we are unstoppable.

Will you join me in my journey to achieve our dreams?