Blueprint project – Freedom

Blueprint project – Freedom

The project was inspired by the concept of freedom: the freedom to choose, to decide, to act according to our free will – and the fact that each of us must bear the consequences for our decisions.
The word freedom means something different to each of us. That’s why I asked my friends what it meant to them. Some of them see the freedom to do what they want without anyone setting any limits. Others see freedom as a kind of heaven – unlimited movement. They also see it as a free expression of joy.
People should not restrict the freedom of others: as they say, my freedom ends where yours begins.
A bird flying over the landscape is a traditional symbol of freedom.
I transferred it to the fabric like wavy lines and their flight paths. I used origami – stylized folded paper birds.
Sleeves are a major part of design / creation. They have the shape of wings, which represent freedom.

Project Details

  • May 2018

  • Czech Republic

  • Blueprint project - Freedom