Duplicate layer collection

Duplicate layer collection

„Layering clothes is not a science, it’s a joy“
In my graduation work, I was inspired by the layering of clothes – an element that will change the complete look.
Layering clothes emphasize the right combination of individual pieces. The main idea of ​​my models is to combine different parts and types or styles of clothing into one unit and thus gain the opportunity
to create a unique look that you can change in various ways and thus achieve the desired character with another combination.
It is a variable garment that consists of several parts, each part complements the other, but also works independently.
The basis in this garment is a simple jacket on which they dress – layered other parts of the model. Individual components consisting of dresses, vests, and short jackets can be combined according to mood or need. They can have the function of insulating the base jacket, but we can also wear them separately with another lightweight base.
So with one garment, you can create lots of other variations.
For the first variant of the model, I was inspired by a men’s work vest with a number of pockets, which I transferred to the girls‘ version.
The second model is based on winter dresses combined with a long insulated vest. For the short jacket, I focused on the silhouette and shape of the sleeve. Patch pockets with a decorative foot appear in each model. The basic jacket is added with an insulated scarf with a stretching hole.
When choosing colors and variants, I would work with soft pastel colors, while the individual colors would match each other

Project Details

  • May 2019

  • Czech Republic

  • Final project - Duplicate layer