Jacket project – We are the same

Jacket project – We are the same

My concept for jacket print is a worldwide culture. I’m interested in every culture in this world and I enjoy learning more about it. I want to send a message to everyone that we are the same, there are no differences between us because we are all human and no one is better than others. The differences between us are the important thing we need in this life.

We are equal and different and this is the beauty in this world.

In fact, we complement each other.

That’s why I tried to put all cultures together. I tried to draw portraits from every culture, cut it and make a collage that is inspired by abstract art. Also, I added phrases to the collage like „we are the same“ in many languages. I want everyone who wears my jacket to feel that’s was made for him/her, that he belongs here. I want to show the beauty of our world.

Project Details

  • December 2020

  • Great Britain

  • Jacket print project - collection " We are the same "