Origami – collection Wish

Origami – collection Wish

My inspiration is taken from traditional Japanese origami. From my research on Yohji Yamamoto, I noticed that they took inspiration for the interior of his flagship in Paris from origami. This gave me an idea for my collection, so I decided to take inspiration from origami. Origami means folding paper, so I want to do the same with my designs, fold the fabric instead of paper, layer, create shapes and lines. The goal is to make 1000 folds to make one wish come true, as in the famous origami story. So the collection will work together to make one wish come true, which means that every design of the collection is important. I want to create interesting designs with unusual shapes. Unlike Yohji’s simple design, although he has many interesting and complicated designs, I decide to do something more complicated, unusual, and mysterious, that when you look at the designs, you can’t tell where it starts and ends and how to put it together as it is with origami.

Project Details

  • May 2021

  • Czech Republic

  • Live brief - Yohji Yamamoto