Project – EL bunda

Project – EL bunda

My inspiration is the daily need to travel. Traveling for longer distances,

for example – abroad, or for everyday life matters – way to school, work, shopping.
Because from my point of view it is practical to have space in my clothes for frequently used small things, a phone, keys, etc. and we don’t have the ability to hold something else in our hands while moving, so processing this clothing detail has become crucial for me.
I designed a jacket consisting of two parts. I focused on the top of the jacket, which comes out of a vest with pockets with elements
backpack. Backpacks and pockets became my necessity instead of bags.
We can take off the vest if necessary. We can also combine it with other clothing or wear it completely separately as a backpack. To connect the jacket with the vest, a saddle with a tunnel was created, into which the vest is threaded.
I used hard accessories material for the vest.
Pockets are designed mainly for storing small items. For protruding pockets, I was inspired by denim shorts, which are often cut from long pants so that pocket bags crawl out of them.
The jacket is straight with a simple cut and a stand-up collar fastened with a hidden zipper.

Project Details

  • December 2019

  • Czech Republic

  • Project - El bunda